a collaborative research, writing and devising process, with teenagers about their grandparents

led by Erin Brubacher and Erum Khan

First public presentation in August 2022. Check back for more details.


Chloe Cha is 16 and is interested in acting, writing, filmmaking, and guitar. She likes biking, watching movies, and collecting CDs and vinyl. She attends an arts high school, and has been in close to ten different performances, through which she has learned so much about different processes, and different groups of people. Chloe’s grandmother lives in Seoul, South Korea where she sings karaoke at her local community centre and uploads it to her youtube. She wants to explore the disconnection between her and her extended family, living across the planet from each other. She has the feeling like there is a whole other life and version of her floating around over there in Korea, while she’s over here.

Iris MacNada is 15 and loves to dance, sing, play the ukulele and guitar, read books, ride her bike, drink tea and write songs. She’s played the roles of Cat Soldier and Rat in The Nutcracker and was also once a Royal Page in The Sleeping Beauty, both with The National Ballet of Canada. Iris’s Waipo (grandmother on the mother's side) lives in England. She used to swim competitively and was holding many records for racing in Taiwan that have only been broken recently.

Felix Lir Ming Chew is 17 and enjoys writing short stories and fiction. He also likes to go on car rides and nature walks. He’s made short films/movies with his siblings and cousins that were really fun to make, and always ended up being awesome. Genres included standard films about spies, aliens, and nightmares. Felix’s Grandfather speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and has written multiple memoirs that are held in museums in both Beijing and Duncan, BC. Felix is interested in seeing the similarities and differences between other people's relationships with grandparents, and grandparent figures in their lives. As well as how these relationships change over time, and how these relationships affect both the grandchild and grandparent.

Hiyab Araya is 15 years old, and likes playing guitar, journaling, and going on bike rides to enjoy the scenery. There is a war in Hiyab’s home country of Ethiopia, and has had telephone blockages with her family there. In this project she hopes to find a different kind of connection with her grandparents, where it has been practically prevented.